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Important! "DIDReseller for Joomla" has been discontinued!

Thank you for your interest in DIDReseller for Joomla.

As you may already know, Joomla 2.5 reached its end of life at the end of December 2014. Official support of Joomla 2.5 has been discontinued, and we are therefore also ending development of our DIDReseller extension. DIDWW is now working on new innovative products.

Please contact us if you are willing to participate in our beta test program.

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This Wiki is targeted for everyone who is interested in information on how to integrate DIDWW Virtual Number services into existing or new telecommunication and e-commerce businesses. This Wiki is to support our developers and customers' community in sharing ideas, tips, code examples and knowledge captured throughout the years of operation.

If you are looking to integrate DIDWW services into an existing business, you should probably start by looking at information about the DIDWW API:

If you are looking to establish a new e-commerce business or add DIDWW services into an existing business, we've made it easy for you with Open Source modules for CMS platforms:

Open Source modules for CMS:

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