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General information

This plug-in integrates DIDWW API into A2Billing allowing purchasing of DID's directly from A2Billing administrative interface. Purchased DIDs will be automatically added to A2Billing Inbound DID stock and can be assigned to users.



Download DIDWW module for a2billing from http://open.didww.com/download/a2billing/

Installation instructions

1. Run SQL migration didww_migration.sql

2. Unpack TAR file didww.tar

3. Patch main.tpl file

patch -p0 -i didww.patch

4. Configure a2billing for work with didww:

5. Update Asterisk configuration to allow inbound phone calls from DIDWW. Read more about it in DIDWW Configuration Scripts.

6. Optionally add cron task for updating DIDWW coverage :

# Update DIDWW Coverage
0 1 * * * php /path/to/a2billing/Cronjobs/didww_update_coverage.php

DIDWW Module configuration

All settings can be simply configured in DIDWW group of A2Billing.

To edit DIDWW settings, go to SYSTEM SETTINGS menu -> Group List, point to didww, and click DETAILS button in the ACTION column.


- OR -

go to SYSTEM SETTINGS menu -> Global List, point to SELECT GROUP drop-down list and select didww. Click Search.


Configuration list appears with the following items:


Click the icon in the ACTION column to edit configuration. New page will appear with value configurations.


Enter information in VALUE field and click CONFIRM DATA button.

Working with DID numbers

Go to INBOUND DID menu -> DIDWW.


New page appears with a Balance amount and options to update Coverage and order new DID numbers.


Update Coverage

First click Update Coverage to automatically enter all the available coverage into your database. If everything ok, "Coverage updated successfully..." message is displayed.

Order DID number

Click Order DID number(s), and new block appears:


Select country, city, number of DIDs you want to order, and click Get new DID(s) button."DID number(s) have been added successfully..." message appears with a new DID number.

* Note: City is displayed with a city prefix and a cost price for DID number in Select city drop-down list.

After DID numbers have been ordered, they appear in stock.

DID numbers stock

To view numbers, go to INBOUND DID -> Add :: Search. DID LIST table appears with all information about DID numbers.


This is where DID are added to the system. DID number must belong to a group. If the customer belongs to DIDWW group, he or she can add DID from the list of DIDs in that group.

Enter DID number in FILTER ON DID field and click APPLY FILTER button.

To access DID number configurations, click the icon in the ACTION column.

Delete DID number

To delete DID number from stock, click the red cross sign. New page appears with number details and qualification whether you really want to delete it. Click Delete button.

After this procedure DID number disappears from the stock but is not removed completely.

To finish deletion procedure, go to INBOUND DID -> DIDWW. You will see a message like that:


New table has appeared under main DIDWW menu that contains DID numbers requiring attention.


To restore deleted DID number, click green icon in the ACTION column. To cancel DID, click the red cross icon.

* Important! If DID number was deleted from stock, customer will be charged for this number until administrator restores or cancels it.

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